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On this site you will find what I believe to be the best Internet resources for adding extra income streams.

In other words, if you sell stuff online, these will be helpful.

I have also included some of my previous Facebook Posts and links to my own online tools. 

Let's start with an award winning Facebook Post after which
I reveal how to find out what is holding you back from success and eliminate it!

N o .. S u g a r .. C o a t i n g

By Larry Keenan

About weekly on Facebook PM and daily via email and skype I receive a message asking for help.
That ask me "how to do this or that" or "why isn't this working?"

If they explain what they really need in detail, (Most Don't) I will do my best to help them.

Recently I had someone ask me "How can I make an extra $100 per week after expenses working from home?"
She then went on to give me her background. Based on that, I added her on Skype and spent 2 hours over
3 sessions explaining one solution. I gave her my proven promotional and follow up material material.

I said to get back in touch with me after a week with her results and I would teach her how to scale up,
if she wanted to.

10 days later, I skyped her and she had not even started. She had a ton of excuses.

I am not writing this to vent but to point something out.

You are your own worst enemy.
You create your own world and you need to live in it,
You can either be successful or Fail.
You can be happy scraping by and static or you can grow daily and thrive.
You control this. No one else but you.

If you want to succeed and earn money you need to accept the fact that you will need
to work hard and struggle to move up in life,

You need to reach out of your comfort zone to grow.
You won't succeed at everything but need to learn from every failure.

Barb Ling would probably say:
"Give yourself permission to turn your life around today."


By Larry Keenan

I have seen many ask that question online so I asked:
What do you think is stopping the majority op IMers from obtaining the success they desire?

Some of the answers were:
 • Poor Quality Content
• Wrong Web Hosting
• Poor Web Design
• Wrong Autoresponder 
• Wrong Shopping Cart 
• Wrong Product
• Wrong Niche

While all of these are valid reasons, they are not the main reasons.   

I am about to reveal the reasons  that you can take the steps to "Give yourself permission to turn your life around today." (Some were answers to the above question.)


1  Bright Shiney Object Syndrome.

This is a very common problem, but it can be deadly for your business.
There are lots of successful people out there all telling you how You can
be successful too! Most of these people really are successful, but they all
have different areas of expertise and different areas in which they are

What ends up happening is that you are reading what ‘expert’ #1 is telling
you to do and you are all geared up to start taking action with his process
when the next great course comes along and takes your focus and
attention away. Your focus is then shifted from ‘expert’ #1 to ‘expert’ #2,
and you become confused, feeling like you will  never be successful.
Because you are confused, you keep looking for someone who will make 
things “Clear” and help you get started.

If this is you, here is what to do.
First, face the fact that this really is happening in your business...you feel
like you are spinning your wheels.
Don’t beat yourself up.....it is happening to  way more people than you
could imagine, so you’re  NOT alone!.

Accept the fact that you are on the merry go round and decide that TODAY you
are getting off the merry go round!

It will not be easy, because the urge to buy another info product will still be
there and you will have to fight it. But, don’t keep buying program after
These courses do have their place.

These programs are great for learning money making secrets that you can
implement in your business after it is already making money.

NOW, ask yourself,
“What do I already know?”
“What have I already made money with (even if it is just $1)?”
“What do I feel most comfortable with?”
“What seems doable for me with my current interest and skills?”
“What project(s) or websites do I already have going on?”
These are the places where you need to start.
You Can Turn  Bright Shiney Object Syndrome  Around By Getting Off The Merry Go Round!
And Creating A Proper Plan For Your Business !


2  Spreading Yourself To Far.

This is a carry on from the above.

We have 1000’s of ideas spinning around in our heads at one time. Just
before we finish ONE project, we get the idea for another and off we go!

Sometimes we try to juggle two or more websites, projects, ideas, etc, all
at the same time. Sometimes we work at it all and never get anywhere
with any of them! This is so frustrating!
This Can Be DEADLY To Your Business!

Get 1 website or project up and runing. Get it profitable and
making money. Tweak it to it’s optimum potential, then move to the next.
This is how you make money online!

If this is you, here is what to do.

You need to choose one that you  REALLY believe in and focus your
efforts on making it the  BEST and Most profitable idea, website or project
that it can be before moving on to the next.

Turn Spreading Yourself To Far  around by stopping trying to start all your projects
at the same time! Begin one, then once it is profitable and  successful start another!


3  Waiting Until You Think You Know Everything. 

This is a big problem that will hold you back!
While it is true that you do  need to know the basics of creating an online business, you can learn (and earn) as you go. Sometimes the BEST training is  learning from your mistakes.

If there is something that you don’t know, ask. But, don’t let it keep you
from getting started. (Segue to next topic)

Just put one foot in front of the other. Like Nike said..”Just Do It”!

Turning Around Waiting Until You Think You Know Everything. – Just Do It!
Don’t let thoughts of not knowing  enough hold you back!
Look at those who are successful. It didn’t  hold them back!


4  Being Afraid To ASK Those Who Can Help You. 

“Ask And Ye Shall Receive”! This Is So True!!!
When you don’t know what to do - ASK!
When you need help - ASK!
When you are not seeing success - ASK WHY!
When you need people to “Root You On”  -  ASK For It!
When You Have Questions - ASK, and YE SHALL RECEIVE!

Just make sure you explain what they really need in detail as per my previous post.

Before You flood the following Facebook Groups with questions, try searching Yahoo or
Google then you can actually search the Facebook Groups.

(description under each link)
i  The IM Inside Track

Please feel free to post your top Internet marketing
questions here, we have group leaders with all types
of skills. Feel free to suggest a topic of the day.
This group is an extension of the Earn1KaDay
Insiders Club, but others are welcome to join here,
so please, tell others about us.

ii Perking Up Profits

Do you like growing your authority online, sharing your knowledge and increasing your bottom line? So do I! Let's chat about it all - authority marketing and all! I'm your guide, Barbara Ling: 17+ year Authority Marketing Innovator, Boomer, parent of 4 and spouse of 20+ years.
If you're looking for the typical young-crowd marketingWannabes who focus on cheap knock-off fake "style" instead of solid "substances" (aka "FORCE Paypal to fling money in your account!" , "SEE MY MANSIONS because in 15 minutes you can buy them too!" etc, please keep moving and do NOT join us!
We're NOT your community. Not by a long-shot.
But! If you're looking for what just plain *works* with authority marketing and want to join a like-minded group of quality folk who share successes, support one another and make things shine... keep on reading!
Browse thru the goodies in the Files section and do feel free to add your own (so long as you have those rights to share them).
Got authority and profit tips you love? Feel free to share and grow your own network! However, do NOT add direct links to your business in your signature or claim I or some other group member vouched a product. Doing this false advertising will get you banned.
The more friends, the merrier - I encourage you to share this group with your friends! Don't just add them, however, just point them to https://www.facebook.com/groups/perkingupprofits/ where they can request to join.
About launches - you can share your launch IF and only IF you share the behind-the-scenes goodness, ie, what you're creating, why you're creating it, what your challenges have been, what your goals are, etc. NO straight launch announcements but do feel free to ask everyone to wish you luck!
Additionally, please include attribution if you share inspirational stories/posts - don't copy them word for word and claim ownership. Failure to do so will result in deletion.
Thanks so much.....you'll love the benefits you'll get!

iii Ultimate Achiever's Mastermind - Mindset, Marketing & Money Mastery

Ultimate Achiever is what we’re called because we like to kick-ass in everything we do, we’re always growing, we do things differently, we GIVE back in a big way, and our standards for our LIVES are higher than most… Our ‘LABEL’ is just one part of our identity… The deeper part is our shared CORE VALUES… It’s what drives us… It’s what DEFINES us.

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #1:Serve at The Highest Level - “I serve my business and clients at the highest level, and in return, it serves my life at the highest level. I leave people better off than when I found them by giving them what they want, what they need, and what they didn’t even know they needed”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #2: Progress Over Perfection - “I take action right now even if I don’t feel READY, because my actions today create the FUTURE of tomorrow.

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #3: Work Smarter Not Harder - “I focus on achieving the RESULT faster, and easier”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #4: Charge More Because We CARE More - “I CHARGE more so I can deliver the RESULTS and the EXPERIENCE my clients want faster… I charge based on the value of what my results provide, and not based on what everyone else is charging”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #5: Believe Much Bigger Much Faster - “I succeed in business because I BELIEVE much bigger, much faster. Success can happen FAST. I can achieve and make more in a month, than what I make in a YEAR if I BELIEVE and take action”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #6: Impact, Influence, and Transform - “I succeed in business and life because of my ability to IMPACT and INFLUENCE people at a deeper level, and facilitate in helping them TRANSFORM their lives. I CHANGE the lives of everyone I meet, just by being ME.”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #7: Shift and Grow - “I pursue GROWTH in all areas of my life, everyday, and in every way. I will do the things I don’t want to do today, so I can be the person I’ve always wanted to be tomorrow.

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #8: Positive Team & Family Spirit - “I build people up, and support others because I WIN every time someone else WINS. I am the positive LIGHT in the life of other people.”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #9: Play Everyday - “I work hard, and PLAY hard. I do things I enjoy and find rewarding everyday because I DESERVE IT, and the QUALITY of my life is the quality of my emotions I feel on a daily basis.”

ULTIMATE ACHIEVER’S CORE VALUE #10: Open, Honest, and Authentic - “I build long-term success in my LIFE and BUSINESS by being me. I SUCCEED by being me, and I bring ME in everything I do.”
We have BLOOD family… cause we are born into it.
Then we have CORE FAMILY… people who we choose to surround ourselves with, because we are similar at the deep, core level.
That’s what this entire group is all about.
So go connect, make friends, and enjoy the RIDE :-)

iv The Syndicate
The Syndicate
A Highly Diverse Collection of Internet Based
Business Owners who help each other to make more
money by focusing on Buyer Conversion Tactics.
If you're looking to do more with your traffic,
you're home.
(Please Read Group Rules available
from the files area.
Violation of these rules, whether you've read
them or not, will result in you being Removed)


5  Not Treating It Like A Business.

Some people try to start an internet business in their spare time. They
treat it like a hobby. A few hours here...a few hours there....ahh...just
whenever the mood strikes me.

Do you really think that you can be successful like this?

If you really want to be successful, you will have to roll up your sleeves
and treat this like a real business. You can choose the hours that you
work, but putting in those hours are not optional.

You CAN build a successful internet business with a handful of hours each
day or week - but it does take time and perseverance. And there’s a
simple formula - - The more time that you can put into it the faster you
will be successful.

You also need to be as consistent as possible.

Don’t work your business really hard one week, and then neglect it for
weeks at a time. That is not building a business.

The guys and girls that you see who are successful put in tons of hours,
sweat and hard work. They deserve to be where they are! And, believe it
or not, you can be there too one day!

Create a plan and follow it to the tee! Take a little time to write a proper
business plan Writing a business plan does not ensure success, but it
sure increases your chances!

There’s an old saying that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That
certainly also applies to the internet marketing field.
It is critical that you know where you are going.

It’s critical to have a plan.

It’s like a map! You can follow it step by step! Sure, you can make
changes along the way, but at least you have a clear picture of what you
are going to do and what it is going to take to get there.
Don’t overlook this step!

Turning Around Not Treating It Like A Business :
Create a plan for your business and  be consistent with the hours that you work
it (no matter how few or how many)


6  Going it Alone  Without a Mentor.
Finding a Mentor is one of the most important things that you can do to
make your Internet Business successful.

Sometimes it is not financially  possible when you are starting out.

But there is nothing to stop you from  learning from the Pro’s
If you are REALLY serious about succeeding, you will find people who
know how to guide you.

The Facebook Groups above are a good starting point.
You might also like:
Gary Halbert 
Jay Abraham 


7  Daydreaming.

Another HUGE mistake in internet marketing is spending your time
daydreaming about success instead of making it happen.

Sometimes we daydream as a way to procrastinate.

Sometimes we daydream because we are afraid of success.

Sometimes we daydream because we are afraid of failure.

Whatever the reason, the only time daydreaming is productive for you is
when it is used as the fuel to shift you into action!

Turning Daydreaming Around – If you are daydreaming about success, use
it to fuel your action! STOP letting it replace your action!


8  Negative Thoughts About Yourself.

Letting thoughts that you’re not good enough, not expert enough, or not well known  is a huge problem for a lot more people marketing online than you might think. This holds MANY people back.

It’s the online inferiority complex...feeling like you are not good
enough, - your work is not good enough, -  you are embarrassed to let
others see what you are doing, so you don’t.

Yes, there are people out there who are a lot better than you!
Chances are there always will be.
But come on – Who Cares?
There may also be people out there who are not nearly as good as
you who are marketing circles around you and laughing all the way to the
And guess what. They are learning and getting better everyday! And
you can too!
Turning Around Negative Thoughts About Yourself:
Take a deep breath, face the fear and just do it!!


9  No Sustained Focus. 

Lack of Focus or sustained focus is very common in people in Internet
Marketing. Something always comes along to divert our attention. An
idea, training, something in our offline world - and more.

You MUST put on blinders and have “laser-focus” on the task at hand.
Ask someone to hold you accountable. If you are working with a mentor,
have them to help you stay focused and on task.

This is hard to do sometimes, but you must!

Turning No Sustained Focus Around:
Do a mental check each day and each week
to see if you are on target to make your goals happen.
Are you focused?
If not, how can you get back on track?
Focus is  very important!


10 Fear Of Success

Overcome fear of success


Your Homework

Personalize Your word doc checklist with your name.
Check The Items That Are Holding You Back.
List The Things That You Will Do To Turn Those Mistakes Around.
Print and post this where you can see it to stay on track!